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Comparing dreams

You were children who showed me the cool  
sand dug under the hot. "Even dogs know this" 
you laughed. When we asked to hear your songs, 
you sang about baby jesus, invited us to church, 
hummed  a phrase of  the men's song, long forgot. 
I mourned, not the poverty of the dusty rubbish  
surrounding the poor shop,  but the difference,  
that had declared itself  against you and for our  
sporadic, expensive raids into space,  spilling  
the dancing of stars into mere science. We  
had dug blind holes in the dreaming mountain,  
whose scales were diamonds we lusted for. We  
had brought disease, massacre, desecration,  
as  our generous gifts. Now we buy back poorly 
your earthed vision. You  wait patiently for us  
to remember, dreams we have forgotten  
how to remember, flows  of the under river  
that even the dumb  earth can recall.