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When a dream won't come

Put the river under my  eyes 
that runs below dessert. 
Put silence where words begin. 
Where the image was, 
let trembling leaves remain, 
to keep the buzzing flies off. 
For a delicate lace has woven away 
my nights dark blood, has  
threaded my veins through  
the roots of trees, has  
forgotten my name, which  
at core, I had discovered 
whispering in the gaps  
between stars. 
For the beginning of mind, 
is to open to something unutterable: 
Care starts where this ground  
bleeds dry under our hearts, 
pulls us hard, back to a love 
we grow up in. And it won't let go, 
even falling through this day.  
Even falling through our feet 
into the earth, into the red dirt.  
It won't let go.