It was hot. Very, very hot. Mind-meltingly hot. It was nearly unbearable. I had come from Melbourne. It hadn't even started warming up there yet.  Summer was only still a distant yearning for warmth and sunshine... 
Here the heat was intense: careless of the boundaries of my privileged, physical tolerances. Reminding me that I was an alien thing here: this was not my place. This place was merely tolerating me. Playing with me. Reminding me that it was powerful. I was insignificant, barely able to exist without the accoutrements of my usual existence. 
But I was here, and here, for the next five days. It was almost as if there was no other 
option. I had committed to this 'conference' - like none I had ever been to before. When I had heard about this conference about social dreaming I had been intrigued. It was so unlike anything I had been involved with before.  But deeply compelling.  In a way that taunted my intelligence. The descriptions I heard about what to expect made little sense to me. The individual words and phrases used were fine and inherently understandable but together they weren't able to convey to me what to expect a social dreaming experience to be about. I could not construct a conceptual framework to guide my understanding and expectations. I was confused. 
Confused and intellectually very intrigued. It was challenging me in a way I had not been challenged for a very long time. And I couldn't resist. So the offer was there. I knew and trusted one other person who was also going to be there. I have camped in the bush many times and always enjoyed it so that part held no surprises for me. The local community was happy for us to be there. So I was going. I wanted to be a part of whatever this was about. 

The heat was a surprise. It was only September for goodness' sake! It wasn't supposed to be this hot. But because I was completely open to whatever this experience was going to be, the heat became part of that too. And I just went with it, acknowledged it, accommodated it and just let it happen. And in the same way, I accepted and flowed with all the other experiences of the trip.