Following the first Australian Social Dreaming Conference at Janet Clark Hall, University of Melbourne in 1989 Social Dreaming was introduced in AISA’s Advanced Consultancy Program in 1990, and Suzanne Ross and I started a weekly Matrix in 1991 which ran for 3 years with the two of us Consultants, and for a further two years with me as Consultant.

In 1996 as Director of AISA I argued that we should change our name1 from the Australian Institute of Social Analysis to the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis. This reflected the dynamic process we were engaged with, rather than a static sociological activity that the original name implied.  The definition of Socio-Analysis we worked with in following years and up to today:

“Socio-Analysis is the activity of exploration, consultancy, and   action research which combines and synthesises methodologies  and theories derived from psycho-analysis, group relations,  social systems thinking, social dreaming and organisational behaviour" (Bain, 1999, p14)

A three year program for professional training and qualification to practice as a Socio-Analyst was started by AISA in 1999. The Program ran up to the closure of AISA in 2004, and included Social Dreaming as one of the methodologies for Years 2 and 3.

While considerable experience of a Social Dreaming Matrix is the main criterion for working as a Consultant in a Matrix the Centre for Socio-Analysis ran a 9 month formal training program to work as a Consultant in an Organisational Dreaming Matrix in 2009 – 2010. The main question that was explored was “What is the state of mind that needs cultivation?” and how this is perhaps reflected in the presence of the Consultant who offers possible links people might want to take up, but not interpretations (and certainly not interpretations that will draw the transference of the group towards discussing the relationship between the group and the Consultant). The Consultants to the Program were Peter Hetrelezis and the author.

Other Training Programs the Centre for Socio-Analysis has sponsored (besides Conferences) that have focussed on Social and Organisational Dreaming or incorporated Dreaming include:

  • the Consultant Role Analysis Training Program in 2006.
  • the Dream Sharing Program in 2008 which had the task of “Exploring the Nature of Dreams: Personal, Organisational, Social and Cosmic”. The Consultants were Peter Hetrelezis and Alastair Bain.
  • The Bion Reading Group and Dreaming Matrix which has been run in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. The Consultants to the current Program are Joshua Bain and Alastair Bain.
  • An Online Bion Reading Group and Dreaming Group has been run in 2009 and 2010 involving participants from Peru, Holland, Italy, U.K., and Australia. Monica Velarde and Alastair Bain have been the Consultants to this Program, and the Program in 2010 was co-sponsored by the Centre for Socio-Analysis, the Tavistock Institute and T-Consult. The Program is planned again for 2011.
Brochures describing these Programs in more can be found at the CSA


1 Proposed ‘Institute of Socio-Analysis’, p.1, an internal AISA document.


Bain, A. “On Socio-Analysis” in Socio-Analysis, Vol.1, No.1 1999.